We have applied that experience to our latest generation Concept Evolution Payment Mechanism System (PMS). Designed for swift, exible deployment with considerable, pre-built ‘out-of-the-box' economies it builds on the existing functionality Concept Evolution offers by way of SLA calendar sessions, but adds significant breadth and depth to meet a myriad of client-specific requirements.

PMS was born from a philosophy which recognises key goals of a PayMech; for the client and for the authority being served: 

  • To automate the calculation of monthly payment deductions in line with the contract schedules, minimising the requirement for time-consuming manual processes requiring input from experienced PFI contract personnel. 
  • Present the calculation of performance and associated reporting to the satisfaction of the PPP Authority.
  • Operate multiple PayMechs through a single database instance. 

Swift Deployment

The time following the launch of our new PayMech solution has seen a virtual doubling of client implementations - and a forward order pipeline that is set to more than double that again. This reflects both the Concept Evolution PMS' functional attractiveness and the relative speed at which it can be deployed.

All PPP contracts differ. Therefore, the PayMech which needs to be derived from any contract will itself be a unique entity and, as such, require our direct input to tailor and customise the module. Your FSI Concept PMS solution will be one combining our expert manpower with our expert technology.

Our accumulation of experience and identi cation of commonalities across a diverse range of PayMech environments has been coupled with advances in software development which minimise traditional back office code writing in favour of front-end configuration, advanced building- block workflow and web service (API) functionalities. 

Front Office Configuration

Concept Evolution PMS can be delivered as a live, operational PayMech in roughly half the time it took to configure the previous generation. What is more, the configuration work is predominantly carried out by our consultants along with your staff, who can then assume front-line responsibility for your Concept PMS' day-to-day operation.

The future-proofed, upgradable and reconfigurable nature of the techniques we now use to arrive at the penalty outputs should be considered as having a potential 20 to 50 year life, which can match the projected operating periods of some of the PPPs themselves. 


Astute development and use of our PayMech will assist a service provider to optimise the minimisation of penalty deductions against the expected monthly return. The ability to run ‘what-if' variations of performance, reflect the up-to-the-minute status of service issues (increasingly via handheld, mobile device inputs) and create status dashboards highlighting, reporting on and allowing mitigation of relevant areas of penalty risk to the monthly return are invaluable features of the Concept PMS. 

Key Features 

Configuration options including:

  • Annual and monthly service payments
  • Availability, temporary accommodation and PMS priorities
  • Service level specifications and volume adjustments
  • Core values for entity level session cost and weighting values
  • Concept Evolution query enhancements

Results tables including:

  • Costs by core session
  • Clear differentiation between failure events and quality failures
  • Cost capping
  • Batch errors/audits (with visibility in Evolution)

Web Service methods for generating the results such as:

  • Get tasks based on a batch query for processing
  • Automatically generate core sessions for a task or entire batch
  • Get appropriate core value by search date
  • Update failed core sessions/tasks with appropriate deductions and failure points
  • Ratchet mechanism for increasing/reducing costs for tasks or core sessions

Functionality including:

  • Web service methods (APIs) to allow client-specific workflows to be written to facilitate client specific payment mechanism calculations
  • Instruction set groups, for grouping together related instruction sets, also available in the core system SLA Matrix
  • Building hierarchy: Area (group of locations) and area type, also available in the core system SLA Matrix

Concept PMS Benefits

  • Embodies FSI's broad payment mechanism experience
  • Proven, credible installed base
  • Comprehensive pre-implementation support purchase option
  • Swift deployment with out-of-the-box economies
  • Minimal back-office coding
  • Future-proofed, upgradable & reconfigurable
  • FSI's Concept Evolution pedigree

Two Purchase Options

  1. In preference, and to allow FSI to assume maximum performance responsibility for the PMS, we look to interpret the contract in full using our strategic consultants. They combine extensive contract familiarity with relevant internal product knowledge. They will review, interpret and seek client clarification on any specific idiosyncrasies across the contract documentation. When complete, client sign-off is then required for a detailed scoping document.
  2. That's not to say that FSI are not willing to configure and implement a PMS based on a client contract interpretation, assuming certain, pre-defined minimum thresholds of scoping detail are as to how much this reduces the company's responsibility for the PMS' operational capabilities.

    Whichever route to scoping is chosen, our Consultants then commence the comprehensive construction of your PayMech and its all-important calculation engine.