Developed in line with UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation (MDHS 100 and HSG 227), the Asbestos module provides crucial assistance for organisations to comply with asbestos legislation. Survey results are integrated with the core Concept™ task management functionality, by way of risk warnings on all printed job cards prior to commencement of work. Removal and containment of the Asbestos material can be managed using the standard reports, which include construction of cost plans to facilitate budgeting.


  • Available with Concept™ SQL and Concept™ 500.
  • Provides asbestos warnings for ACM's on Concept™ SQL and Concept™ 500 job cards.
  • Asbestos Instance Register.
  • Survey results and details.
  • Material assessment.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Schedule reviews and actions.
  • Integrated document manager for pictures, drawings and external documents.
  • Preloaded reference data from the MDHS100.
  • Standard reports and interface to Crystal Connect™.
  • Sample analysis sheet for survey documentation.


  • Add value to existing specialist asbestos surveys: import surveys created by 3rd party specialist surveyors into Concept™. Becomes your live asbestos register rather than a static, only accurate at point of survey, register.
  • Compliant with latest HSE legislations: ensures user compliance with HSE legislations.
  • Risk Management: create a full register of asbestos risks, from conducting the initial condition survey, through to holding condition inspection information pertaining to ACM's.
  • Record and retain data; relating to product type, asbestos type, condition, surface treatment, priority assessment, likelihood of disturbance, accessibility, extent of asbestos, human exposure potential and sample and assessment information.
  • Audit trail: ensures adherence to organisation's code of practice relating to asbestos management.
  • Manages both reactive and scheduled events relating to asbestos management and initial and completed survey date information.