Concept Evolution integrated with eSight Energy

Concept Evolution integrated with eSight Energy


FSI, developers of the Concept Evolution™ computer aided facilities management (CAFM) solution, is working in partnership with eSight Energy, the providers of a best-of-breed energy management solution.

eSight® provides the most sophisticated and intuitive energy management and analysis techniques available worldwide. Users can manage all aspects of energy-related data, and as a fully web-enabled solution, eSight® is available as both a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, or installed directly to a client site.

Data for management includes:

  • Benchmarking
  • Tenant Billing
  • Energy bill validation
  • Meter data capture
  • Data alarms

Data can be automatically imported into eSight® from nearly any device or system: from building management systems to data loggers, supplier data to manual entry, controls systems to production systems, data via oBIX and OPC, and spreadsheets.

Energy analysis reports from eSight® can be displayed in the Concept Reach™ solution from FSI.

Data alarms triggered in eSight® can be used to create reactive tasks in the Concept Evolution™ solution from FSI. For example, the data from an electric SMART meter within eSight® can be used not only to monitor consumption but can also be set with parameters that measure higher than average consumption levels, triggering an alarm via Concept Evolution™ raising a task for this to be checked and monitored, therefore reducing downtime, increasing response SLA's and reducing maintenance costs.

For the management of Runtime Meters, using the consumption data from a meter or logger within eSight® you can use the consumption rates and meter/logger reads to indicate when maintenance is due. For example a sub meter checking consumption for a chiller unit will run to recorded level of consumption, once this level is met a task will be created in Concept Evolution™ to service the chiller, helping to maintain maintenance levels, therefore reducing call out charges and further repair costs for the future.