What is Concept™ RI?
Concept™ RI provides the integration of FlashPointer*, the highly flexible “black box” developed by Resound Limited**, and Concept™ CAFM software to provide data communication with field based radio users.
Simply by allocating resources to tasks, a user of Concept™ can request that a mobile worker perform a specific service request.  A text message is automatically sent to the resource’s radio handset, from which receipt is acknowledged. Once the task has been completed, the worker uses their radio handset to update Concept™ so that real-time visibility is maintained.
Who uses Concept™ RI?

Concept™ RI
is a highly flexible system, suited for use with radios at a variety of premises, including hospitals, shopping centres, sports arenas and general office environments.  Concept™ RI will allow you to stay in contact with your field based radio users, for the instant relay of service requests for action.

Concept™ RI features and benefits include:
  • Allocation of tasks to field based radio users: no need for engineers to return to base for task allocation.
  • Acknowledgment of tasks received by the engineer via return receipt: both Concept™ users at base and engineers in the field are fully-informed of task status.
  • Easy to use task completion instructions via the radio handset: removes complications, user error and inconsistency issues between Concept™ users at base and engineers in the field.
  • Instant update of Concept™: real-time visibility and task tracking is maintained.

Prerequisites for the use of Concept™ RI:

  • Concept™ Integrated Services Helpdesk
  • Concept™ Workflow Module / Actions Service
  • Resound FlashPointer
  • Radio System
  • Text capable radios
FlashPointer is the name Resound give to the highly flexible ‘black box’ unit that can provide an effective data connection between almost any data source and many types of radio communication systems.  The FlashPointer software is housed in a specially constructed Personal Computer that can be connected to data networks, building management systems and business applications.

An example of FlashPointer in action is Concept™ RI which extends the reach of CAFM to mobile workers who are connected via radio.

Another example of using FlashPointer is fire alarm panel integration.  When the alarm is activated, key information is transmitted to pre-specified radio handsets and displayed as meaningful text, perhaps identifying the triggering sector in detail. Similarly, the alarm source could be a security system, a lift alarm, a building management system, or in fact just about any data source that offers a reliable interface that FlashPointer can be configured to read.

FlashPointer can be used to integrate analogue or digital radio systems with:
  • Building Management Systems
  • Fire Alarms
  • Lift Alarms
  • Computer Room Alarms
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Door/Access Control Systems
  • Process Control Systems
  • Fuel & Power Supply Systems
  • Other “Event Triggered” Automated Systems

**About Resound Limited
Resound has been supplying intelligent radio systems for business, professional and emergency users since 1991.  In that time the company has built up a customer list numbering more than 1000, many of whom are household names in the commercial and not-for-profit sectors.

Keys to success have been adherence to strict quality policies (including ISO 9001 accreditation) and a pragmatic flexibility when designing and integrating solutions.  This in turn has led to the building of long-term customer relationships that have spanned different generations of radio technology.

The company offers a full range of radio communications products and services, including lease hire options for reducing financial impact.  A particular strength is the ability to integrate radio systems with Building Management Systems, alarms, telephone and computer networks, to deliver robust solutions that are tailored to each customer’s specific needs.