Users can either create simple reports, but also have the option to produce complex or specialised reports by using the comprehensive tools included, such as formula and sub-reports. Concept™ Reports is designed to work with the Concept™ database to help with the analysis and interpretation of Concept™ data.

In design mode, the look and feel of reports can be changed, including fonts,colours, data layout, and even the specifications of the printed report. Additional features include adding images, headers and footers, and title information.

To extend the flexibility, reports can be published in a number of formats, including Microsoft® Word and Excel,
PDF, email, and within the Concept™ eSQL module. This allows users to view the content of shared reports within their web browser.


  • Production of complex or specialised reports using comprehensive tools including formula and sub-reports.
  • Customisation of reports, including fonts, colours, data layout, print layout and adding images.
  • Publishable to a number of formats to suit business requirements.


  • Works with the Concept™ database to help with analysis and interpretation of Concept™ data.
  • Published reports can be viewed within users' web browser, via eSQL.