CTI significantly improves the efficiency of reactive call request management and aides in meeting customer requirements for a fast and effective service.

CTI combines the data processing power of the computer with the convenience of the telephone, enabling call centres to handle calls intelligently and respond faster to customer queries.

FSI takes full advantage of this technology by integrating the Concept™ helpdesk environment with call centre telephony equipment. FSI’s CTI system allows users of the Concept™ helpdesk to screen POP details of incoming calls, together with an attached history of the caller. Details of the caller’s name and location are displayed, as well as information on outstanding helpdesk calls. Operators therefore have all the necessary information to decide whether to create a new helpdesk call, automatically transferring details of the caller into new helpdesk fields, or use the screen pop-up information to locate information on an existing call.

With the CTI module enabled, the helpdesk operator can control telephone equipment from within Concept™ and dial contact numbers against helpdesk calls.


  • Available with Concept™ SQL and Concept™ 500.
  • Information display: caller’s number, number dialled, etc.
  • Screen population on answer, with or without using calling line data.
  • On-screen dialling: fast dial, preview, etc.
  • On-screen phone control: answer, hang-up, hold, conference, etc.
  • Co-ordinated phone and data transfers between two parties.
  • Call centre phone control: logging on, after-call work notification, etc.


  • Improved efficiency of reactive call request management for helpdesk and call centre operations.
  • Fast and effective service to meet your customer requirements.
  • Instant visual display of caller’s name, location and information regarding outstanding helpdesk calls.