FSI and Excitech, a leading provider of technology services for the construction sector, have joined forces to extend Excitech's facilities management offering into FSI's CAFM range, adding cost-effective Space and Move Management functionality to the Concept Evolution fully web-enabled solution.

Running office space is one of an organisation's highest operating costs. The integration of Excitech FM, Excitech's Space and Move Management solution, with the Concept Evolution product suite, reduces this cost.

The FSI and Excitech integration allows users to manage complex responsibilities such as:

  • Moves/relocations
  • Organisational restructures
  • Agile working
  • Mission-critical projects
  • Heat-mapping for occupation

The integration removes the need to maintain two different solutions for common data - for example, when buildings, floors, locations, contacts, departments and assets are changed on the floor plans in AutoCAD, Excitech FM synchronises the changes into Concept Evolution.

By amalgamating strategic planning and space management, accurate dashboards and reports for planned and actual space allocation can be provided - critical for managing change within an organisation.

Organisations have full control of their space, for reacting quickly to and reporting accurately on the amount of space they have.

Benefits of the FSI and Excitech integration include:

  • Web-enablement: floor plans and space data can be accessed through standard web browsers. Spacial data and the ability to update it is delivered to a much wider audience, ensuring its accuracy
  • Bespoke configuration: data stored can be adjusted to suit user requirements or industry sector
  • Flexibility: able to handle a constant flow of changes and observe configurable business processes
  • Efficiency: accurately allocate and utilise space
  • Visibility: reports available for the type of space an organisation has and how the space is used
  • Speed: quick lead-time for collecting building and asset data
  • BIM compliancy: two-way integration with leading 3D draft modelling packages to maximise the true value of data rich models
  • Cost-effectiveness: reduction in cost due to better operational practices