Integration of software with BIM data to assist decision making on the life cycle of buildings and facilities.

Key Features:

  • Integration process to feed BIM data directly into Concept Evolution
  • Mobile app to maintain BIM-quality asset data for estates post-handover
  • Detailed asset information for accurate maintenance and replacement regimes
  • View and browse 3D models generated from BIM data, to visualise the structure of properties and assist space and management
  • BIM Document Manager supports the upload of all BIM project document types, including COBie, wexBIM and IFC files

Benefits of BIM in FM:

Utilising BIM quality data post-handover to achieve real benefits in the mobilisation and operation of facilities.

Data benefits:

  • Automated mobilisation of new facilities and asset registers in CAFM
  • Accurate and consistent classifications of facilities, spaces and assets
  • 'As Built' asset data, including accurate connections and sub-components of assets
  • Type-specific asset detail such as product specifications and expected lifespan
  • 3D visualisation of asset size, shape and position in the facility

Operational benefits:

  • Apply 'soft landings' for new facilities, including standard maintenance plans for assets based on classification
  • Highlight potential access issues for maintenance caused by position of assets
  • Visualise network and connection relationships between assets
  • Identify cause of maintenance inefficiencies or common issues at specification or component level
  • Analyse asset performance to influence decisions on future construction or refurbishment projects
  • Digitising the Built Environment: consistent asset classification allows collaboration and comparison with other BIM estates

Empower building owners to:

  • Improve building quality
  • Optimise operational efficiencies


FSI will engage with your BIM collaborators prior to handover to consult on data collection decisions which might impact or enhance FM delivery for the mobilised building.


Concept Evolution has a configurable integration layer which can be used to quickly and easily mobilise new buildings, floors, spaces, assets and systems using COBie or IFC sources.


The integrated 3D Model viewer in Concept Evolution allows you to browse the 3D model outputs from BIM. The viewer is web enabled and integrated with the Evolution asset register, allowing you to:

  • View asset details
  • View planned maintenance requirements
  • View service history
  • Instigate creation of new reactive tasks or issue planned maintenance tasks
  • Highlight physical connections and hierarchical relationships between assets