FSI in 2010

Concept Evolution™, launched by FSI at the end of 2008 as the next generation of FSI's Concept™ CAFM software range, is a fully web-enabled solution which is:

  • accessible anywhere via a single web browser
    extremely powerful, flexible and easy-to-use
  • a single, integrated view of Facilities Management and Maintenance Management activities
  • able to be integrated with common business applications for complete control of Facilities Management and Maintenance Management functions
  • built using the latest Microsoft® .NET technology
  • owned and developed by FSI

Since its launch, Concept Evolution™ has been enhanced to include new modules and functionality, keeping it at the leading edge of the CAFM market.  Development for Concept Evolution™ continues in 2010.

Software as a Service (SAAS) is a software distribution model allowing users to fully utilise Concept Evolution™ without disruption to day-to-day operations, whilst maintaining control of FM costs.  Concept Evolution™ is hosted by a global Application Service Provider in a secure environment, published and available over the web directly to the end users' computer, regardless of location.  SAAS removes the need to install and run Concept Evolution™ on the network, therefore removing software maintenance, ongoing operation and support resources, and the need for capital investment in server hardware.  SAAS provides a simple pay-as-you-go solution offering a cost effective delivery of Concept Evolution™

Digital Dashboard (DD) provides a real-time, easy to understand graphical representation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) defined and tailored according to individual requirements.  Data may be drawn from Concept Evolution™ data sources and through integration with third-party systems.  Users are provided with access to relevant metrics and performance output thus providing the ability to measure performance and key business metrics at a glance. Management information can therefore be provided at operational, tactical and strategic levels and includes drill down capability between KPI's and Concept™ Reports.

Workflow for Business Process Automation remains one of the jewels in the FSI crown.  Via Workflow Lite™, Concept Evolution™ offers complete control over the business rules that trigger system communications and the content of messages.  Workflow Lite™ enables the automation of email, electronic facsimile and SMS text messaging using an intuitive graphical design interface to map the business rules which trigger messages.  Dynamic content can be defined for each message, including plain text or HTML formatting and PDF report attachments.

Building on this functionality, Workflow Pro™ includes a standard set of reusable software components (nodes) which enable the automation of business processes to improve efficiency and drive process, whilst a standard integration framework allows for the interfacing of Concept Evolution™ with other business systems.  Workflow Pro™ provides a structured yet flexible set of tools for integration projects and therefore offers many benefits over specifically written interfaces.

FSI provide a range of services for Concept™, including:

  • Training: FSI's experienced training team deliver a range of scheduled and bespoke training packages dependant on user requirements.  Training is available at dedicated training centres, at client sites or at the FSI head office.
  • Implementation: the implementation services available from FSI's experienced team include: project scoping/needs analysis, project management services, system configuration, management reporting specification and development, system audits, archiving and data cleansing, etc.
  • Development: FSI's dedicated, in-house Development team can assist with: assessing strategic requirements, identifying key project objectives, plus defining business process and workflows for data capture and distribution.
  • Support: Post-implementation operational Support is key, and some of the Support initiatives provided by FSI's dedicated, in-house Support team include: dedicated support representatives for new project teams, support call updates and progress, web support account functionality, and remote assistance from the Support website.

Networking events and initiatives available to Concept™ users include:

  • Tune in to FM: launched by FSI in 2004, Tune in to FM is an external networking programme for the discussion of initiatives in the Facilities and Maintenance Management sector.
  • Concept™ User Group: quarterly user meetings to discuss the evolvement of Concept™ as well as knowledge sharing.
  • Concept™ Online User Forum: for users who are unable to attend Tune in to FM and the Concept™ User Group, the Online User Forum provides another medium for knowledge sharing.
  • New Concept™ version releases available to supported clients upon request.

FSI is a Microsoft® Gold partner, the highest endorsement from Microsoft®, awarded in recognition of FSI's knowledge, skills and commitment to implementing technology solutions to match the Facilities and Maintenance management business needs.