FSI in the news - Facility Perspectives Magazine Australia

HCP is a major healthcare PPP project management and services company. No two of its projects are identical. But every service stipulated by a PPP contract is subject to a strict performance management regime, making delivery and management across multiple projects a complex task.

FSI's Concept™ Facilities Management System  has been at the heart of many HCP projects since 2001, its help desk playing a crucial role in performance management, and other modules supporting the delivery of a range of hard and soft FM services including asset management and buildings maintenance.

"The key thing is that it's probably the best all rounder for hard and soft FM services," says HCP Business Support Director Peter Garner. "A lot of systems are good at buildings maintenance but less so on the soft side: in hospitals, for example, the cleaning, catering and portering. Concept™ is the most integrated system that covers all the services we're involved in."

Today, HCP uses Concept™ as a flexible, single solution whenever possible. Its customisable reporting structure assists greatly with multiple contract management and the monitoring of service provider performance. End-users also like the Help Desk module's integration with their own NHS Trust Intranets, which gives them front-end access to automated ordering requests.