FSI in the news - Facility Perspectives Magazine Australia

Sustainability is an increasingly significant factor in Facility Management (FM), yet poor visibility of key information remains an obstacle.

Combining data in a business would enable the art of making any building more intelligent and sustainable. It would provide a holistic picture, and the business would know in real time what was happening to assets throughout the building - or across the entire estate - and understand the impact on everything from energy consumption to carbon footprint.

FSI's Concept Evolution™ fully web-enabled Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) solution can provide genuine interoperability between different data sets. A wealth of information on every asset in the business is available in Concept Evolution™, and that information holds the key to knowledge about every asset's contribution to the business's carbon footprint, and the way energy is consumed by the organisation.

If systems are networked and used more effectively, with their Concept Evolution™ system at the front end, they will deliver a far quicker ROI through energy reduction, but there could also be considerable benefits in terms of lower operational costs.

Only when an organisation has a better appreciation of how and where energy is being consumed can it make progress on the sustainability front, aligning building occupancy with the way it is actually being run and maintained. And that means monitoring consumption and behaviour down to every individual asset - data that is already meat and drink to Concept Evolution™.