The Integrated Services Module (ISM) for Concept Evolution™ not only provides existing functionality available within the Integrated Services Helpdesk / Soft Services Helpdesk or Porterage module, but also enhances the user experience.

Focus is very often on high volumes of tasks with short SLA response and rectification times, therefore usability is key. With that in mind, ISM include a Rapid Entry Helpdesk for speedy data entry, and a Resource Management screen enabling the quick assignment of tasks to available resources via drag-and-drop.

Task Scheduling is available with ISM, to accommodate portering tasks as well as any non-Hard FM tasks including cleaning and security. Users are able to create Scheduled Tasks, by minute, hour, day, for security rounds and cleaning schedules etc.

Features of ISM include:

  • Helpdesk tasks can now have additional fields for Soft Services, including "to" and "from" for location, as opposed to just a single location.
  • The Return Route Task generates a new task based on an existing one, but with the "to" and "from" locations swapped.
  • New grid to manage radios and assign them to resources.
  • New SLA times panel providing instant visual feedback on progress towards calculated SLA deadlines.
  • New ISM Task Grid for assigning tasks to resources by drag-and-drop.
  • New ISM Resource Grid for monitoring and controlling which resources are on and off duty.
  • New Scheduled Task functionality allows for the creation of repeating tasks based on a template.