London Stock Exchange

FSI's relationship with the Exchange started in 1998 when the Exchange selected the CAFM specialists to assist with the integration of its internal systems. FSI initially installed a Concept™ SQL asset management system to
deal primarily with PPM (planned preventative maintenance). There were two helpdesks; one for engineering, which dealt with all major systems, and one for property, with a different supplier, to deal with 'soft FM' such as couriers and caterers.

When the Exchange started to plan its move to new premises in Paternoster Square, Andy Karkocki, Operations and Security Manager at the London Stock Exchange, felt that it was time to take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade
the system and combine property and  engineering on one help desk, cutting down on time and resources.

"We wanted one system to manage all of our FM, cutting down on paperwork and handling time. We already had a good relationship with FSI, so we turned to them for advice in setting up the next step." Andy said.

FSI worked with the London Stock Exchange to develop a tailored solution, to connect to the organisation's intranet – allowing access to up to 1,000 plus users.

"We completely redesigned the FSI page for our intranet so that it reflected our corporate identity. It was important to us that the site looked familiar to our staff.

"Staff can now manage a range of tasks by inputting information direct into the system; room booking, catering, and couriers can all be done in one place, meaning less time spent going through reception and helpdesks, and fewer
mistakes to correct," Andy continued.

"This facility also enables us to deal with things at short notice. If the request is less than 15 minutes away from being due, an SMS message is sent to the relevant person, so that tasks are picked up on time.

"All tasks go through to the back end of the system, where reports can be run off to make sure that all costs are charged back to the right person or department."

"Admittedly with hindsight some of the processes could be tailored in a slightly better fashion.  However our next steps are to refine theprocesses still further, hopefully improving an already effective system.

On the whole, people have found it easy to use.  We are pushing the boundaries with the product so that we can get as much as possible out of the system. FSI are very receptive and we are looking forward to further tailoring the package to make it work even harder for us."