A Mobile Data Solution connects field engineers to the core of the business via a mobile device. Engineers can spend less time in the office and more time in the field completing essential tasks, whilst keeping Concept Evolution™ up to date, regardless of location.

Engineers in the field can automatically and instantly update Concept Evolution™ with task progress information, thereby reducing administration and paperwork. Instant updates are achieved through real-time GPRS, GSM or Wireless LAN solutions. Alternatively, end of day downloads are available through a docking station.

Other instant updates from Concept Evolution™ to the Engineer, removing the need to carryreference materials, include:

  • Supplier information.
  • Delivery points.
  • Sites, buildings and locations.
  • Instruction sets.
  • Health & Safety information.

Sensitive data stored on the mobile device is protected from unauthorised access through user account and password combinations. Synchronised data is also encrypted and compressed when an update is actioned by the Engineer or an update is made via the core Concept Evolution™ system.

Features of Mobile Solutions include:

  • Two-way communication between back office and field engineers.
  • Seamless data transfer between the Concept™ database and mobile device.
  • Reduction in administration and paperwork.
  • Data protection on a user basis, through user count and password combinations.