This module provides functionality to download and display test results from certain electrical equipment. Resulting data can be manipulated to generate reports and print certificates.

Additionally, planned maintenance schedules for PAT assets can be created automatically. Preferences can be set for each contract within Concept™, including the automatic printing of failed PAT tests after an import is completed and the creation of new tasks for assets that failed previous tests.

The PAT module has a comprehensive range of functions and options that provide total control and management of PAT data. A user may choose to create a backup file when importing data directly from a tester. Any import into the PAT module automatically creates PAT assets in the Asset Register within Concept™, ready to receive future results. Additionally, Concept™ can create PAT PPM’s relating to an asset with tasks having previous test results attached for review and analysis. As is the case with all other historical information of an asset in Concept™, a full PAT history remains with each PAT asset, even if the item is renamed or changes location.

For certain test equipment, FSI may recommend the use of the PATGuard range of software from the Seaward Group©.

FSI can provide full integration with PATGuard through the Concept™ Workflow module.


  • Available with Concept™ SQL Lite, Concept™ SQL and Concept™ 500.
  • Test certificates can be printed where required.
  • PAT tasks can be invoiced using links with the Invoicing module.
  • Compatible with a range of industry standard testers.
  • Can be integrated with PATGuard software from the Seaward Group©.


• Compliance with Health & Safety legislation.