FSI has proven experience in providing PFI payment mechanism solutions across diverse business sectors including Hospitals, Schools, Prison services and Government departments.

Our experienced PMS ("Payment Mechanism System") consultants understand the complexities involved and our services incorporate all facets of PFI/Performance Management reporting including:

  • Monitoring contractual performance.
  • Calculating performance and unavailability points and deductions.
  • Computing volume and energy adjustments.
  • Providing early warning systems to flag when deductions are due to kick in and monitoring repeat rectification.
  • Calculating the month end invoice.

The first step of a PMS implementation is to review the contractual documentation and scope requirements with the client.

Typically we will require the relevant schedules detailing the Payment Mechanism calculations, the Service Level specifications, locational data sheets and calculation test scenarios.

Following the review of client requirements, a PMS specification is produced detailing the calculations and how they will be incorporated within Concept Evolution™, including system design and reporting requirements. Functionality is tested against a configured prototype Concept Evolution™ system.

A typical PMS implementation uses standard templates which are customised to provide a user-specific utility.

The utility performs PMS runs, which populate database tables with PMS calculations in accordance with contractual documentation.