Projects provides management tools for referencing external documents, the control and management of purchase orders, variation orders and invoices.

Projects also allows for greater control over projects and instant information on Workflow status, staff, cost, orders and invoicing. Time saving templates of activities allow for the creation of shell projects in minutes.

Integrated documentation provides for the registration of all project documents, from tendering to commissioning results. Basic plans may be exported to third-party software like Microsoft© Project for critical path analysis and other operations.

A wide range of categories are available, allowing different types of projects to be grouped for cost comparisons, for example unit costs for common projects like room moves. By integrating the Projects module with the Stores module and Order module, full costings can be captured for all activities.


  • Available with Concept™ SQL and Concept™ 500.
  • Workflow planner.
  • Activity templates.
  • Project navigator.
  • Cost allocations.
  • Project planner.
  • Export to Microsoft© Project.
  • Expenses capture.
  • Time record capture.
  • Purchase and variation orders.
  • Mandatory or manual allocation of monies to cost centres.
  • Contract orders and contract variation orders.


  • Integrated control of major and minor projects.
  • Create, manage and invoice project works separately to an existing service provision contract defined with the Concept™ base system.