The Property & Estates module offers property managers, owners and tenants a solution to manage their property portfolios.

Fully integrated with Concept Evolution™, Property & Estates provides a comprehensive range of property related data. By monitoring elements that may have an impact on property portfolios, as well as dealing with review and expiry dates, a summary of potential revenue and performance can be produced. Statutory requirements, lease notifications and landlord/ tenant responsibilities can be tracked.

Property & Estates allows for comparisons of property and lease information across multiple buildings.

Features of Property & Estates include:

  • Complete management and tracking of property portfolios.
  • Flexible analysis of property related data.
  • Tracking of potential revenue and performance.
  • Registers of properties, rents, rates and leases for accurate tracking.
  • Comparisons of property and lease information across multiple buildings.
  • Ability to plan for the future of property portfolios via rent reviews etc.
  • Generation of automated reminders via Concept™ Workflow.