Fully integrated with other components of Concept Evolution™, the Purchase Order module simplifies processes associated with order management, including everyday accounting operations. The module can be used to manage several order types including purchase orders and contract related orders.

The Purchase Order module links with the task, supplier and contract features of Concept Evolution™, as well as the Stores module, allowing simple navigation to stores and inventory items for reordering.

When combined with the Facilities Booking module, purchase orders may be generated for specific bookings. Purchase order request, authorisation and search functionality can be extended through the Concept Evolution™ Self-Service portal.

Features of Purchase Orders include:

  • Automatic system generated, user defined or supplier specific order number options.
  • Multi tier user authorisation limits.
  • Blanket orders against given suppliers.
  • Goods receipt functions, including partial delivery.
  • Audit trails.
  • Payment allocation, including part payment.
  • Multiple invoices for orders.
  • Split and link purchase orders.
  • Multiple delivery points.
  • Linking purchase orders to tasks raised on the Helpdesk.
  • Line item discounts and multiple VAT rates.
  • Customisable purchase order layouts.
  • Ability to automatically issue purchase orders via the Workflow™ module.