Intelligent multi-functional LED's with desk or room/huddle space screen modes.

Smart, flexible and intelligent it makes maximum use of every desk, meeting room or huddle-space. It optimizes your floorspace and minimizes your carbon footprint.

Qubi3 datasheet


  • Connects via a ResourceXpress server (on-premise, 365, IBM (Lotus) Notes, G-Suite Calendar and a range of other supported booking systems. Also works with ResourceXpress in non-integrated (local) mode

  • Interactive modes for check-in, check-out, extend and instant, on-demand booking - all simply carried out using RFID cards or tags in authorized mode or touch controls if authorization is not required

  • Standard Mifare RFID reader with optional upgrade for a range of other card standards

  • Simple and secure low cost alternative to traditional meeting room touch screen

  • 5 way routing cable exit options for optimum concealment of power cables when mounting on a desk, workspace divider or outside a meeting room wall (glass or partition)

  • Wi-Fi connectivity with secure HTTPS option


  • Power in via standard micro USB port 1W @ 5VDC

  • Network - WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, single band 2.4GHz

  • Low profile 5.1" x 3.9" x 1" (130x100x25mm)

  • Available with 13.56MHz and/or 125KHz RFID readers

  • No virus or malware vulnerabilities as uses a hard coded application with no operating system

  • Requires a local or cloud based ResourceXpress server 

  • Supports standard DHCP or static IP addressing over HTTP or HTTPS (SSL)

*Note: We strongly recommend a dedicated Qubi 3 only SSID Access Point with a concurrent connection capacity exceeding planned Qubi 3 volume. 

Qubi3 and the Aura screens are all seamlessly integrated with Concept Evolution and the functionality of the Facilities Booking suite, both from FSI. Bookings made through the online planner in FSI's Concept Reach or Concept Evolution solutions will automatically appear on the interactive screens and bookings made through the interactive Qubi's and screens will automatically update Concept Evolution, ensuring that the desk or room is marked as booked.

Meeting room capacity and graphical images of the room and equipment listing/operational status can be viewed from the on-screen information button on Aura room screens. The ability to report equipment faults is also available.

Utilising FSI's Workflow tool, email or SMS notifications can be sent to the originator of the booking request upon confirmation, or reminders within defined time parameters.