Thanks to the Asset Classifications functionality in Concept Evolution, you have an accurate asset register.

But as part of your asset management strategy, how do you maintain your assets going forward?
Would you benefit from defining the rules for how to maintain your assets?

Introducing Regime Manager from FSI.

Using Regime Manager in tandem with Asset Classifications, you will know exactly which assets you have and how to maintain them correctly.

You can define links between classifications of assets and the PPMs needed to maintain them.

Asset Managers can pre-define planned maintenance requirements for assets, and in any facility they manage.

Using regime rules, you can generate the maintenance plan for your entire asset register. You can set realistic first service dates based on information such as:

  • Last known major service
  • Asset installation date, and even
  • Opening date of the facility

Automate the administration involved in mobilising planned maintenance for new buildings.

Integrated with the Concept Evolution CAFM / IWMS solution from FSI, giving you the full picture of your data and realising effective asset management.

Regime Manager from FSI: the science of asset management.