Utility Tracker aides you with keeping track of all utility bills across your locations, effectively managing each building and their utilities separately.

Features include:

  • Utility Setup: insert details of a specific utility for a location.
  • Utility Types Setup: keep a reference of all billable utilities in your buildings. These can include bills for gas, electricity, water, etc.
  • Utility Navigator: graphically depict your buildings and any utilities allocated to them. Utility Navigator is an enhanced method of browsing the buildings in Concept™ which have utilities set up against them.
  • Utility Cost ID: record the daily consumption of a utility within your building. Allows you to monitor the cost of multiple utilities, either over a single month or an internally defined period range.
  • Cost and Consumption: store details of utility costing for a selected utility in Concept™.

Benefits include:

  • Full traceability of all utility bills at all Concept™ buildings.
  • Monitoring and traceability of bill payments, utility usage and consumption.